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Conversational Calaveras 4: Tom French and Love Macabre

Today we feature British artist Tom French. In his works, the image of skulls and lovers make a constant appearance. I invite you to squint, linger and perhaps guess the … Continue reading

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Conversational Calaveras 2: Poetic Obituaries for the Living

Today we look into CALAVERAS – named after the Spanish word for skull, but are actually poetic obituaries – not for the dead  but for those very much alive! A … Continue reading

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The Art of Community Living in Vancouver 5: Co-op Radio

Yesterday I featured how Vancouverites are letting their voices be heard through a green light campaign in the False Creek neighbourhood. Today, I bring you yet another commendable practice of … Continue reading

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HEART CRAFTS 2: The Chained Heart

The title of our project today is a most curious one and may be interpreted in many different ways. I just wanted to share a component of committal love. Whether … Continue reading

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Dogs Divine 1: Ode to Sabrina

Welcome to a new week here on DDoA! We started the year with a horse crafting series, then snail illustrations by Kozue. Now we look into the written word dedicated … Continue reading

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KOZUE YAMAMOTO’s Snail Drawings 5: Mating Hermaphrodites

If you have seen the movie TURBO, you probably remember the scene at the INDY 500 when a kid captures Theo and asked “Hey, are you a boy or a … Continue reading

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KOZUE YAMAMOTO’s Snail Drawings 4: Tiny But Mighty

Today we answer the question – It’s a given that snails are slow, but are they weak too? 今日は、「カタツムリは遅いけれど、弱いの?」という質問に答えてみたいと思います。 Today’s Featured SNAIL FACT: “Snails are very strong and can lift up … Continue reading

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KOZUE YAMAMOTO’s Snail Drawings 3: Living with No Rush

Today we look into an aspect of the snail’s character that we are all familiar with – it’s speed, or lack thereof. 今日は、カタツムリのスピードなど、私たちにとって馴染み深いカタツムリの特徴に焦点を当てていきましょう。   Today’s Featured SNAIL FACT: “Garden snails … Continue reading

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KOZUE YAMAMOTO’s Snail Drawings 2: Snail Trail

Today we start our feature on fun snail facts accompanied by Kozue Yamamoto’s lovely snail drawings. 今日は山本梢さんの素敵なドローイングと共に、カタツムリの面白い生態について紹介します。 Today’s Featured SNAIL FACT: “While moving, snails leave behind a trail of mucus. … Continue reading

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KOZUE YAMAMOTO’s Snail Drawings 1: Q & A with a Visual Poet

Welcome to a new week here on DDoA! This week I bring you the snail illustrations of a young and passionate Japanese visual poet by the name of KOZUE YAMAMOTO.    I … Continue reading

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