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KOZUE YAMAMOTO’s Snail Drawings 5: Mating Hermaphrodites

If you have seen the movie TURBO, you probably remember the scene at the INDY 500 when a kid captures Theo and asked “Hey, are you a boy or a girl?” I’m sure many of you were thinking the same thing.


Today’s Featured SNAIL FACT:
“Snails have the reproductive organs of both, males and females, which categorize them as hermaphrodites
However, they cannot create offspring on their own. They must mate with another and then both of them will have the ability to lay eggs.” via snail-world
Snail illustration 5.1  by Kozue Yamamoto
Snail illustration 5.2 by Kozue Yamamoto
Click here to learn more on how snails reproduce
As we come to the conclusion of this week’s feature on snails, I wish to thank KOZUE Yamamoto for sharing her snail illustrations with us. I also thank David G. Lanoue of haikuguy for his translations of Issa‘s snail haiku poems. 
今週のカタツムリの特集はこれで終わりです。まずはイラストを提供してくれた山本梢さんと、それから一茶のカタツムリの俳句の訳に関して、ブログ「haikuguy」のDavid G. Lanoue氏に感謝致します。
My personal reflection on snails: All I can say is that we have 4 S’s to learn from snails: It’s not the speed of getting somewhere but knowing where you’re going.. so remember:  ‘Slow, Steady & Sure’  is the way to go! The 4th S is “Save”:“Four researchers from Exeter University  discovered that snails move in convoys, piggy-backing on the slime of other snails to conserve energy.  It is thought that a snail could use up to 30% of its energy in slime production alone, the study found.” via Huffpost.  (So snails have learned that ‘to survive is to learn to save energy every way they can’..very important lesson for humankind as well.)
私のカタツムリに関する考察:カタツムリから学べる4つのSがあります。:どこかに到達するのに必要なのは、速度ではなく、どこに向かっているのか知っていることです。 ‘Slow, Steady & Sure’(ゆっくり、確実に、確信を持って)は目標達成への近道なのです! 4つ目のSは“Save”:Exter大学の四人の研究者が以下の事を発見しました。輸送船の中のカタツムリは、エネルギーを温存するために、他のカタツムリの粘液の上に乗っかります。カタツムリは最大30%のエネルギーを粘液の生成だけに使用するからだと思われます。(Huffpostより)(カタツムリは「生き残るためには、出来る限りの事をしてエネルギーをセーブする事を学ぶこと」を習得しました。これは人間にとっても、大切な教訓です。)
I just had to add this video 
True Facts About The Land Snail”
 (Rated PG folks! for some mild adult content)
Snail Haiku of the Day:
katatsuburi ware to kite sume hatsu shigure
come in snail
and live with me…
first winter rain
-Issa, 1806
Translated by David G. Lanoue

“In Japan, Issa is loved by children. The fact that he addresses animals directly as his peers, friends and (sometimes) cousins, charms the little ones…One senses that Issa sincerely welcomes the snail into his home and into his heart. The compassion and love in the haiku are not fake–and children, maybe sometimes better than adults, realize this.” Comment by David G. Lanoue via haikuguy


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