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KOZUE YAMAMOTO’s Snail Drawings 4: Tiny But Mighty

Today we answer the question – It’s a given that snails are slow, but are they weak too?
Today’s Featured SNAIL FACT:
“Snails are very strong and can lift up to 10 times their own body weight in a vertical position.” via snail-world


Snail illustration 4.1 by Kozue Yamamoto
Snail illustration 4.2 by Kozue Yamamoto
Watch this video of TINY SNAIL by Tammy Carter Bronson
Picture Book Summary: “Tiny wants to live under the Maple Tree, but she cannot reach it in one night. Armed only with her friends advice, Tiny crawls into a land with no shade. Tiny sets goals and perseveres with an attitude of gratitude!” via youtube

*For graders: Click here for more info on the fascinating world of snails (Q & A format)


Snail Haiku of the Day:
tomokaku mo anata makase ka katatsuburi

come what may
won’t you trust in the Buddha
-Issa, 1809
Translated by David G. Lanoue
via haikuguy

“In Issa’s Pure Land Buddhist vision of reality even a snail is on the path to enlightenment.” -Comment by David G.Lanoue via haikuguy

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