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Dogs Divine 1: Ode to Sabrina

Welcome to a new week here on DDoA! We started the year with a horse crafting series, then snail illustrations by Kozue. Now we look into the written word dedicated to man’s best friend. We start off with a poem I wrote for my childhood friend, then we look into other pieces of poetry: lyrical poems written by musical artists for their divine DOG. 

Let us take a moment to remember those furry friends that loved us dearly in the past, and those that we hold sweetly in our arms. Question– do we choose them or do they choose us? My answer- they are God sent!
Today I bring you “Ode to Sabrina”, a poem I wrote about my beloved furry friend Sabrina. I wrote this in 1997 for my art and poetry collection entitled “And Heaven and Nature Sing”.
Ode to Sabrina
by Paulina Constancia, 1997
She was a mix of Pekingese & Dachshund –
And much, much more.
To make things simpler,
Let’s brand her a mutt.
But a Dachshund, she was at heart.
Every living creature thought her a “toughie”.
For anyone who dared tease her,
Had better be a cloud away.
I was eight
When my brother Abe
Passed her on to me.
And we named her
After the angel Sabrina.
Not one of God’s –
But one of Charlie’s.
Abe got Sabrina
For a bargain price of ninety (pesos)
Yet more precious than millions,
As a true friend
She always was to me.
She had descendants
Almost “as many as the stars”.
One time, she had a dozen.
And I coached her through Lamaze.
Many might think this silly,
But Sabrina and I –
Went through smile and sigh.
Image Source
Lost her to euthanasia.
My buddy of fifteen years,
Was too old and too sick.
The vet had to give her
A dose of eternal rest.
She was tough, yet tender.
Brave, yet sweet.
Yes, she was a mix –
Yet a pure one to me.
Sabrina, my angel
Named after Charlie’s –
Was, after all, God’s little one!
*Here is a photo of  Sabrina and me with our whole family. 
Cebu, Philippines, March 1980 (I was 9, Sabrina 2 1/2)
Sorry I don’t have a close up photo of her to show you. Seems like a shame, doesn’t it? Thus, I had to choose from images on the internet. This is the Dachshund that somehow reminded me of Sabrina’s intelligent and penetrating gaze. So I hope this image does justice to the beauty and the divine that she was. Sabrina, my angel… there is no doubt in my heart- you were God’s little one. Thank you for coming to my life!

Learn more about Sabrina’s breed: Dachshund

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