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KOZUE YAMAMOTO’s Snail Drawings 2: Snail Trail

Today we start our feature on fun snail facts accompanied by Kozue Yamamoto’s lovely snail drawings.

Today’s Featured SNAIL FACT:
“While moving, snails leave behind a trail of mucus. This mucus acts as a powerful lubricant to reduce friction against the surface. This is why they are able to move upside down, around corners, and other situations.” via snail-world

*Click here to learn more about ‘snail mucus’ or ‘snail slime’
*Watch this video and learn how to draw a snail on Mocomi Kids 

Snail illustration 2.1 by Kozue Yamamoto
Snail illustration 2.1 by Kozue Yamamoto
Snail Haiku of the day:
ashi moto e itsu kitarishi yo katatsuburi
at my feet
when did you get here?
Translated by David G. Lanoue
“This haiku shows a very common scene of surprise when one finds a slow snail very close to oneself. Adding to that, when we learn that Issa was attending to his dying father, our appreciation of this haiku may advance farther. We must learn how many things are left out from the haiku and yet, or therefore, so many things are expressed.”
-Explanation by Shinji Ogawa via haiku guy 


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