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KOZUE YAMAMOTO’s Snail Drawings 3: Living with No Rush

Today we look into an aspect of the snail’s character that we are all familiar with – it’s speed, or lack thereof.
Today’s Featured SNAIL FACT:
“Garden snails (helix apersa) a top speed of 50 yards per hour, this is about 1.3 cm. per second. While they don’t move fast, they do move at a very steady pace. The snails are one of the slowest creatures on the entire Earth.” via snail-world

カタツムリ(helix apersa)は、最速でも一時間に50ヤード(45.72m)、つまり一秒間に1.3cmです。速くは動けないけれど、一定のペースで進んでいきます。カタツムリは、地球上でもっともゆっくりな生き物のひとつです。*Read the latest on snail speed studies: “Snails’ Top Speed Is Revealed In New Study”  via Huffington Post

*Watch this video of The Snail Song- A Happiness Song From Punnky.com
Snail illustration 3.1 by Kozue Yamamoto
Snail illustration 3.2  by Kozue Yamamoto
Snail Haiku of the Day:

katatsuburi soro-soro nobore fuji no yama

little snail
inch by inch, climb
Mount Fuji!
Issa (year unknown) 
Translated by David G. Lanoue via haikuguy

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