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Dose #31 – Beauty as Commodity

Today, a sculptor makes a statement about beauty using a basic commodity very much associated with beauty… We continue with Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore 3 of 7 Dose … Continue reading

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Dose #30 – Isolation and Integration

Today, an artist expresses through ceramics and photography his personal experience of isolation and integration in a new place and culture… We continue with Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore 2 of … Continue reading

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Dose # 7: Once Upon A Paper Boat

Today, relive your childhood with a folded paper boat – that you can actually ride on….  We come to the last of our 7 Sunny Ideas from Suntec City! 7 of 7 Dose … Continue reading

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Bookworm Bytes 3: Thoughts on Edinburgh’s Mysterious Book Sculptures

From a book club in Texas we now head to a poetry library in Scotland. Colin Waters, Communications Manager of the Scottish Poetry Library (SPL), shares with us his thoughts on the … Continue reading

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DOTermination 2: Yayoi Kusama’s Polka Dot World

Yayoi Kusama Japanese artist and writer born March 22, 1929 in Matsumoto, Nagano into an upper-middle-class family of seedling merchants throughout her career she has worked in a wide variety … Continue reading

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Conversational Calaveras 1: La Famosa Catrina

Welcome to a new week on DDoA! As we approach Halloween (Oct 31st), All  Saints’ Day (Nov 1st)  and All Souls’ Day (Nov 2nd), we look into Mexican traditions related … Continue reading

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CLIP ART 5: What’s the message behind Pietro D’Angelo’s paper clip art?

To conclude our Clip Art series, I bring you a special interview with Italian artist Pietro D’Angelo. Most people who make little paper clip sculptures often make them out of boredom at school … Continue reading

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ANIMAL ART 3: José Suris The Fourth’s 3D Paper Sculptures

Welcome to Day 3 of Animal Art here on DDoA! Today we look into the  gingerly crafted 3D paper sculptures of José Suris the Fourth (JSIV). José Suris The Fourth’s  3D … Continue reading

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ANIMAL ART 2: Paola Pivi’s Beary Bright Art

Welcome to Day 2 of ANIMAL ART here on DDoA! Today, I bring you the feathered polar bears of Italian artist Paola Pivi. PAOLA PIVI  September 18 – Oct 26, 2013 “Ok, … Continue reading

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ANIMAL ART 1: Hung Yi’s Happy Animal Party

Welcome to a brand new week here on DDoA! This week we look into new and notable art with animals as subject.    Today I bring you the incredibly colorful … Continue reading

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