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ANIMAL ART 1: Hung Yi’s Happy Animal Party

Welcome to a brand new week here on DDoA! This week we look into new and notable art with animals as subject. 

Today I bring you the incredibly colorful animal sculptures of Taiwanese artist Hung Yi.
I was at the Hakone Open Air Museum in August and what a privilege and a treat it was to see this whole community of animals in a burst of colours by Hung Yi. His collection is so aptly titled “Happy Animal Party”


‘Happy Animal Party’
Sculptures by Hung Yi
 Hakone Open-Air Museum, Japan
Photo by Michael Wortman

Bull (close up)
part of  Hung Yi’s  ‘Happy Animal Party’
Photo by Michael Wortman
Two Pandas (close up)
part of  Hung Yi’s  ‘Happy Animal Party’
Photo by Michael Wortman
‘Hung Yi: Happy Animal Party’
The Hakone Open-Air Museum
“This is the first solo exhibition in Japan of Taiwanese artist Hung Yi, who is known for his colorful sculptures of people and animals.
Hung’s work fills three gallery spaces with some of the pieces also on display outdoors. His animated and personified interpretations of animals are based on symbols that, in Taiwan, are traditionally believed to be lucky. He also decorates the modern sculptures with traditional Taiwanese patterns and texts that are believed to bring about good fortune.
It’s hoped that those who visit and see these creatures will go home feeling a little bit “luckier”; July 27-Dec. 1.” Read more
A Little About HUNG YI

Info from Ravenel

Taiwanese Artist
Photo from Agora Gallery
Born in 1970, Taichung, Taiwan. He was once an owner of 9 restaurants, and at the age of 30, decided to live his life as an artist when he was nominated as the artist of “Stock 20 in Taichung Railway Station” (2002). His work is inspired by his surroundings and life experiences. The artist uses a lot of bright primary colors. His works are bold and lively, which clearly represent the local Taiwanese culture. Hung Yi’s major solo exhibitions include the “Art in Taiwan, Interesting Taiwan” (2004, Taipei), “Life in the World” (2002, Taipei), and “Meet Hung Yi” (2008, Taipei). Besides works shown in exhibitions, his works can also be seen in many public art locations. Read more

Read more on Hung Yi’s art on Agora Gallery

Today’s Quote on Animals:
“I am fond of pigs. 
Dogs look up to us. 
Cats look down on us. 
Pigs treat us as equals.” 


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