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Dose #31 – Beauty as Commodity

Today, a sculptor makes a statement about beauty using a basic commodity very much associated with beauty…

We continue with Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore
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Dose #31: Beauty as Commodity by Aishwarya Bhattacharjee

Spotted at: NAFA BoothArt Stage Singapore 2015

The Idea: using soap as a sculpture medium; my best guess is Aishwarya first sculpted in clay and then made a mould and then poured soap mixture to the mould to make these body parts


Beauty as Commodity by Aishwarya Bhattacharjee
Soap Sculptures
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

A Little about “Beauty as Commodity” in the words of  artist Aishwarya Bhattacharjee:

Aishwarya Bhattacharjee

Senior Sculpture Major at NAFA Singapore
Aishwarya Bhattacharjee
Photo from her FB album

“In the current century, beauty is treated as a commodity. My work represents the objectification of beauty and the price the media places on it, at the cost of dehumanization. Soap is a basic commodity of beauty and is able to mirror its life – the gradual deterioration, disfigurement, developing wrinkles and at the end- its death.”
– Aishwarya Bhattacharjee

Her Bio and other works on NAFA

See more of  Aishwarya’s work on behance

rx-logo-11So do… exercise caution in what you allow media to influence in your perception of beauty, the world and what is truly important.

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