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Dose # 70: Knits & Nets 2: Crocheted Cells by Emily Barletta

Today, an artist brings crocheting and biology together in her masterpieces… Dose # 69-75- Knits & Nets Dose #70: Knits & Nets 2: Crocheted Cells by artist Emily Barletta The Idea: … Continue reading

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Dose #51 – BAAutiful 4: DIY-Wool Dryer Balls

Today, you can say goodbye to dryer sheets and rubber dryer balls . Learn how to make your own all- natural wool dryer balls! Dose #48-54 : ” BAAutiful” (A Special Year … Continue reading

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Dose #50 – BAAutiful 3: Thermafleece

Today, a naturally BAAutiful building insulation… Dose #48-54 : ” BAAutiful”  (A Special Year of the Sheep series) Dose # 50 – BAAutiful 3:  Thermafleece Dose #50: Thermafleece Sheep Wool Building Insulation Spotted at: Inhabitat,  Thermafleece  … Continue reading

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Dose # 21 – El-Bularyo & The Tindak Sugbo (Bike Cebu) Jingle

Today, a jingle created by a bike enthusiast-permaculturist to help promote the movement for bike lanes in Cebu City, Philippines. We come to the last of our 7 BiciCOOL Ideas 7 of … Continue reading

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Snakes & Ladders 5: Promoting Nutrition, Lawfulness & more…

On the last day of our Snakes & Ladders series, we look into practical and educational uses of the snakes and ladders game format. In Latin American countries, they seem to be in … Continue reading

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Marga Yoga 6: Charley Patton & The Yoga Barn (Bali)

As I said yesterday, today we head early to Bali. Why? So we can interview Charley Patton, co-founder of the Yoga Barn, SE Asia’s full service yoga studio, holistic healing … Continue reading

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Marga Yoga 5: Elaine Vajira (Singapore)

Today we are back in Singapore because tomorrow we need to catch an early flight to Bali, hahaha. We speak with SunUp Yoga Director Elaine Vajira who exudes the essence of … Continue reading

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Marga Yoga 4: Farida Hamza (Louisiana)

From the Lion City we head to the Sportsman’s Paradise – Louisiana – to meet with Farida Hamza. She is passionate about sharing the transformative power of yoga and is a … Continue reading

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Marga Yoga 3: Hana Hladká (Prague & Singapore)

Today we head to the Lion City of Singapore. We meet with Hana Hladká – a Czech physician turned yoga teacher. DDoA: When did you start practicing yoga? HH: In the  summer … Continue reading

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Marga Yoga 2: Jeanne Torrefranca (Cebu)

From the Big Apple we head to the land of mangoes – the island of Cebu, southern Philippines. We meet with Jeanne Torrefranca, who is not shy to say she … Continue reading

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