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Dose # 21 – El-Bularyo & The Tindak Sugbo (Bike Cebu) Jingle

Today, a jingle created by a bike enthusiast-permaculturist to help promote the movement for bike lanes in Cebu City, Philippines.

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Dose #21: “Bisekleta ang Solusyon”
Tindak Sugbo (Bike Cebu) Jingle

Witnessed in: Cebu City, Philippines

The Inspiration/Idea:
A jingle to capture the TINDAK SUGBO movement (a movement for bike lanes in Cebu City, Philippines)

Tindak Sugbo is a bike awareness campaign in Cebu City, Philippines. It is led by the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes and is a coalition of several Cebuano bike groups. The campaign is focused on educating the public about the need for bike lanes as a way to develop a more sustainable and egalitarian city. The campaign includes public policy advocacy, bike rides, bike exhibits and bike talks. Last year 2014, the Tindak Sugbo Shared Priority Bike Lanes Ordinance was approved by the Cebu City Council and the Mayor, implementation begins this year- 2015.

Find TINDAK SUGBO on Facebook

Here is the Tindak Sugbo video with El-Bularyo’s jingle- presented before the Cebu City council during the final review of the proposed Tindak Sugbo Shared Priority Bike Lanes Ordinance

About the Composer:

El-BularyoJose Maria Eliseo “Joel” Lee, is a gelato maker, entrepreneur, educator, permaculture designer, biking enthusiast and musician-composer. Lately, Joel has been developing another aspect of his colourful personality as edu-tainer (educator-entertainer). At the Cebu Ukulele Festival last December, Joel introduced himself as “El-Bularyo”. And what a perfect name to christen his new persona.

“El-Bularyo” was coined from “Eliseo” and “albularyo”

  • Eliseo – one of Joel’s birth names
  • albularyo – traditional Filipino medicine man who uses plant-derived remedies and hilot (traditional therapeutic massage)

El-Bularyo composes and performs songs that provide remedies for the maladies of the human body, society and the environment. He composed “Bisekleta ang Solusyon” (The Bike is the Solution) to support biking as the solution in Cebu for traffic, pollution, health issues, saving money. His forthcoming songs will tackle many other issues close to the heart of many people. He aims to show simple and doable solutions for all in a humurous way, so we can be “laughing all the way” as we remedy many of our personal and societal issues.


Photo from the Cebu City council meeting
in which the Tindak Sugbo Shared Priority Bike Lanes Ordinance was approved.


Music & Lyrics by El-Bularyo

Kitang mga Sugbuanon
Bis’kleta na ang atong gamiton
Walay asong makadaot
Sa lawas makabigot
Ug sa kwarta
Ikaw makadaginot

Sa mga estudyante
Kung kamo naglisud sa pamlete
Ang maayong desisyon
Bis’kleta ang solusyon
Aron maandam sa kaugmaon

Sa mga trabahante
Kinhanglan magadaginot pirme
Ang imong pangita
Ihatag sa pamilya
Makakaon sila’g makaeskwela

Daghan ang mga bis’kleta
Gipangdispli gipangtinda
Nga kanato kini gitagana
Kung wala ka pay kwarta
Sugod karon pagtigom na
Kay sa Carbon
Naay baratuhon

Sa taga opisina
Mura’g hayahay
Apan kapoy sila
Nagkompyuter maghapon
Pagkadaghang buhaton
Kalawasan baya atimanon

Sa mga Lolo’g Lola
Eksersayis ang inyong pirmehon
Kung dili mo mulihok
Ang lawas n’yo mubagtok
Atraytison mo ug atakehon

El-Bularyo performing at the 2nd Cebu Ukulele Festival



rx-logo-11So do… as El-Bularyo does – as  you struggle through life and deal with your daily concerns -don’t forget to add a little humour in your life. A little laughter goes a long way!

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