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Dose #50 – BAAutiful 3: Thermafleece

Today, a naturally BAAutiful building insulation…

Dose #48-54 : ” BAAutiful”  (A Special Year of the Sheep series)
Dose # 50 – BAAutiful 3:  Thermafleece

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 3.06.19 pm

Image from Thermafleece promo video

Dose #50: Thermafleece
Sheep Wool Building Insulation

Spotted at: Inhabitat,  Thermafleece 

Description:  Thermafleece is a sheep’s wool insulation material that is natural, sustainable, breathable alternative to the synthetic products on the market (Description by Christine Armstrong, Thermafleece Founder )

End uses: loft applications,  timber frame walls, floors, specialist acoustic applications (Info from Mark Lynn , Thermfleece Commercial Director)

“Thermafleece sheep’s wool ranges use blended sheep’s wool from British hill sheep. This wool is often of low economic value, so the production of Thermafleece is renewable, recyclable and is promoting the economies of some of the poorest rural areas in the UK.” – Info from inhabitat  


Click here to learn about the range and qualities of Thermafleece products

thermafleece-sheep farm & end product

I invite you to watch this video and learn about this wonderful natural solution to home and building insulation

rx-logo-11So do… (if you’re a manufacturer): endeavor to bring consumers products that are all natural, renewable and recyclable.(if you’re a consumer):patronize companies that make an effort to do so.

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