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Marga Yoga 3: Hana Hladká (Prague & Singapore)

Today we head to the Lion City of Singapore. We meet with Hana Hladká – a Czech physician turned yoga teacher.

photo 3

“My favorite yoga pose – Bakāsana (a.k.a. the crane or crow pose).” – HH

DDoA: When did you start practicing yoga?
HH: In the  summer of 2012.

DDoA: Who/What sparked your curiosity in the practice?
HH: Our homeopathy doctor.

DDoA: What was your profession before teaching yoga?
HH: Physician (I worked at the department of internal medicine).

DDoA:  From where/whom did you get your yoga training/certification?
HH: SVYASA Singapore – Manoj Thakur

photo 2

“Receiving my teacher’s certificate
from SVYASA Singapore” – HH

DDoA: What were the challenges that you encountered when you made the career change?
HH: It was easy because I am not allowed to work in Singapore as a doctor and the only chance to work here was to get training here.

DDoA: What advice can you give yoga practitioners who want to train to teach yoga or run their own yoga studio?
HH: You don’t have to be practicing yoga for a very long time before becoming yoga teacher, more important is to enjoy practicing and teaching yoga.

DDoA: How has yoga changed you?
HH: I feel much more balanced. I am happier and more grounded. I quit drinking coffee and black tea just because I stopped enjoying it. My food cravings are gone and I naturally look for healthy food, I stopped eating meat, eggs and dairy products and I feel better. I am much more patient with others. I try to accept what life brings.

DDoA: Please share some information on the nature and location of your YOGA teaching practice.
HH: I teach in my neighborhood, I prefer teaching outdoors if the weather allows. I teach gentle hatha yoga which can become challenging if my students ask me for it, I adjust the style of teaching to my students so if they are stressed I try to make them relaxed and if they want to sweat they definitely will. I have very small groups.


“Teaching private classes from my home in Singapore.” -HH

DDoA: Please give us a glimpse of your daily routine as a yoga professional…
HH: I wake up around 6, If I don’t teach my 6.30 class I practice myself. I start with breathing exercises, then some loosening exercises, sun salutations and after deep relaxation I practice pranayama. This takes me more than 1 hour. When my kids wake up I prepare breakfast. If my sons go to school (3-4 times a week) I teach yoga at 10 am. I cook the lunch, I go grocery shopping and I pick my boys up at 13.00. Then we eat the lunch. In the afternoon boys can watch cartoon or listen to nursery rhymes while I reply to my e-mails or just browse on-line. This is our quiet time. Then I start to prepare dinner so we have things ready before we go outdoors. We go for a swim around 3.30 pm, then eat some snack and go to the playground across the street at 5.30. We come home after 7 pm, eat dinner with my husband and head to bed around 9pm. When my kids fall asleep then I work on my presentations for yoga therapy course which I attend or prepare my yoga class for the next day.

photo 1 copy

“My turn to be up…”-HH
To be a yoga teacher you must practice, practice, practice.
Photo shows Hana at a partner yoga class.
The person on the ground is the teacher and her name is Melanie Richards.

What dictum/philosophy do you live by now that you are a yoga professional?
HH: I like Yama and Niyama from Asthanga Yoga.

hana-yoga at the park

YOGA at the Park with Hana
Telok Kurau Park, Singapore


cropped-image-for-header.jpgSo do… as Hana Hladká does – “try to accept what life brings.” In her case, not being able to practice medicine led her to teaching yoga. Who says there’s only one way to help and heal…


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