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Dose # 74: Knits & Nets 6: The Echelman-Kozielska Collaboration

Today,  we look into  the wonderful work that has resulted from the collaboration of sculptor Echelman with choreographer Kozielska of Stuttgart Ballet. Dose # 69-75- Knits & Nets Dose #74: Knits & … Continue reading

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Dose # 72:Knits & Nets 4: Ghost Net Art

Today, fisher folks in Australia’s remote Darnley Island (Erub) turn ghost nets into beautiful artworks to send out a powerful environmental message and call-to- action to the world … Dose # 69-75- Knits & Nets Dose #72: Knits … Continue reading

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DOTermination 5: Polka Dot + Moonbeam Jazz Duo

On our last feature in the DOTermination series, we bring you a most refreshing and inspiring jazz duo from Down Under.  Meet Juliet Pang 冯欣慧  (a.k.a. Polkadot) and Didi Mudigdo  (a.k.a. Moonbeam). … Continue reading

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DOTermination 2: Yayoi Kusama’s Polka Dot World

Yayoi Kusama Japanese artist and writer born March 22, 1929 in Matsumoto, Nagano into an upper-middle-class family of seedling merchants throughout her career she has worked in a wide variety … Continue reading

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Passion for Photography 6: Melvyn Calderon – Nature/Collaborations for a Cause (Philippines)

From the USA, we head to the Philippines and get acquainted with noted international photojournalist Melvyn Calderon.  It is curious to see how he has moved in a different direction and … Continue reading

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The Magic 3 (part 5): Upcoming Nights of Magic

Today we check out the upcoming performances of the Magic 3 (pianist KSENIIA VOKHMIANINA, cellist LINDA KOLLATI and violinist ANI UMEDYAN). Singapore and Malaysia, consider yourself lucky they’ll be performing in … Continue reading

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The Magic 3 (part 4): Sampling the Magic

Today we see the MAGIC 3 ladies at work (pianist KSENIIA VOKHMIANINA, cellist LINDA KOLLATI and violinist ANI UMEDYAN)– during rehearsals and performing live. We will also sample their magical music… The Magic 3 – … Continue reading

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The Magic 3 (part 3): Meet Hungarian cellist LINDA KOLLATI

Today we will meet the last (but not the least) of the lovely and talented ladies that make up the MAGIC 3… Meet Hungarian cellist  LINDA KOLLATI DDoA: How long … Continue reading

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The Magic 3 (part 2): Meet Ukrainian Pianist KSENIIA VOKHMIANINA

Today we will meet another lovely and talented member of the MAGIC 3… Meet Ukrainian Pianist  KSENIIA VOKHMIANINA DDoA: How long have you been playing the piano?  Kseniia: I have been … Continue reading

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The Magic 3 (part 1): Meet Armenian Violinist ANI UMEDYAN

Welcome to a new week here on Daily Dose of Art! This month as we celebrate the ‘love’ month, I bring you some incredibly talented foreign artists based in Singapore who … Continue reading

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