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The Magic 3 (part 4): Sampling the Magic

Today we see the MAGIC 3 ladies at work (pianist KSENIIA VOKHMIANINA, cellist LINDA KOLLATI and violinist ANI UMEDYAN)– during rehearsals and performing live. We will also sample their magical music…
The Magic 3 – photo taken during one of their past rehearsals.
[at the Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac)]
Beautiful tones, Magical Togetherness!

I had the privilege of watching the Magic 3 rehearse at the SOTA for their upcoming concert. Ani, Kseniia and Linda each produce beautiful tones. But together, they make magical music (Magic 3 really is a perfect name for them!) Their friendly collaboration and professional support of each other are indeed endearing and commendable. As I said in a text message to Ani: Thank you so much for inviting me to your rehearsal today. All I can say is that I am so happy that you ladies found each other. The world needs more of your collective positive energy.
The Magic 3 – photo taken during one of their performances here in Singapore.
[at The Arts House Concert Hall]

Below is a video from one of Magic 3’s recent performances in Singapore. The piece is called ‘Cafe Music’ by Paul Schoenfield.
DDoA: What message  do you have for young musicians who aspire to perform professionally with other concert artists? What does it take for an artist to  be a good ‘collaborator’?
Magic 3 (Ani Umedyan):Some concerts can be so inspiring for young musicians, that can be a good motivation to work hard and achieve the same results as the senior Artist. The most important part for good achievements is to be mostly on stage. And I think one should not wait for big luck (although it’s a big chance), but to create one’s own projects, concerts and to progress. 
Hmm….very difficult and diverse question about a good *collaborator*. One can be a good musician, but have a character that no one can stand and vice verse. Sometimes good friendship also can bring up great music, sometimes even good friendship won’t help to collaborate nicely. It’s about chemistry of just matching personally, musically and respecting each other. In our case, I think it’s about the last one.

Learn more about the MAGIC 3

POST SCRIPT – Feb 13, 2014
I have just been informed by Ani that as of the week of Feb 10, 2014, their piano trio (previously called MAGIC 3), now goes by the name TRIOLAH.


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