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The Magic 3 (part 2): Meet Ukrainian Pianist KSENIIA VOKHMIANINA

Today we will meet another lovely and talented member of the MAGIC 3…

Meet Ukrainian Pianist 

DDoA: How long have you been playing the piano? 

Kseniia: I have been playing piano since I remember myself. I think it was around age of four. Basically, my entire life!
DDoA: What/who inspired you to dedicate your life to music?

Kseniia: First of all, it was my mother who inspired me to become a musician, she is a professional pianist too. Secondly, it was the specialised music school where I studied since young. There are excellent pedagogues and wonderful music environment at my school. 
DDoA: What do you like about your Magic 3 collaboration with violinist ANI UMEDYAN and cellist LINDA KOLLATI?
Kseniia: I am very privileged and lucky to work and perform with Ani and Linda. Both of them are highly-professional musicians. I feel that an invisible thread connects us when we play together, and it is amazing. It is always lots of fun and inspiration to rehearse and perform with them. 
DDoA: Will you be playing some music from your homeland UKRAINE?
Kseniia: Not on this concert. But I am sure we will in future!
DDoA: What message do you have for young musicians who aspire to be professional concert artists?
Kseniia: I will say it concisely: work hard, love what you do and enjoy the music! 


POST SCRIPT – Feb 13, 2014
I have just been informed by the group’s violinist- Ani Umedyan- that as of the week of Feb 10, 2014, their piano trio (previously called MAGIC 3), now goes by the name  TRIOLAH.

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