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The Magic 3 (part 3): Meet Hungarian cellist LINDA KOLLATI

Today we will meet the last (but not the least) of the lovely and talented ladies that make up the MAGIC 3…
Meet Hungarian cellist 
DDoA: How long have you been playing the cello? What/who inspired you to dedicate your life to music?
LINDA: I have been playing the cello since I was 8 years old. I don`t think I have ever made a conscious decision to dedicate myself to it. Musicians in my country have always struggled enormously. It is not a highly respected profession. As I grew older and the time came to choose high school my mother sat down with me. I was a very good student and a fairly talented cellist so I could have gone both ways: doctor, lawyer or cellist. She asked me to imagine my life as one of these. Then she asked if I could live without playing the cello. My answer was straight and firm. I think I am not willing to dedicate myself fully to any other vocation in my life other than being a musician. And without fully dedicating myself to it I am not interested in life.
DDoA: What do you like about your MAGIC 3 collaboration with violinist ANI UMEDYAN and pianist Kseniia Vokhmianina?
LINDA: It is very difficult to find chamber music partners and form a sustainable collaboration. I feel grateful and I know I am lucky to have found them and to be accepted by them. It is essential that when playing together one stays true to self, musical ideas and music as a sacred art form. It requires strong self discipline and honesty. With Ani and Kseniia I am blessed to have partners who encourage me to be better than myself, keep challenging me and what more they keep reminding me of what is really important in life: continuous creation.

Ani is a very warm hearted and tolerant person with constant spark in her eyes. Her sound on the violin will leave no one untouched. Kseniia is a rare gem as she just graduated but her attitude to work is that of a serious professional. They are both excellent and exciting musicians.
DDoA: Will you be playing some music from your homeland HUNGARY?
LINDA: No, not this time. Good idea though, I will explore the possibility.
DDoA: What message do you have for young musicians who aspire to be professional concert artists?
LINDA: Practice, practice, practice..and roll your sleeves up. Make sure every piece you play becomes that of your own, your second nature.
Learn more about LINDA KOLLATI

POST SCRIPT – Feb 13, 2014
I have just been informed by Ani that as of the week of Feb 10, 2014, their piano trio (previously called MAGIC 3), now goes by the name TRIOLAH.

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