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Dose # 56: PENCILS 2- Pencil-legged Table

Today, dining tables need not be boring. Here’s one to inspire you for your next home reno project. Dose # 55-61- PENCILS Dose #56: PENCILS 2- The Pencil-legged Table The … Continue reading

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Dose # 55: PENCILS 1- The Pencil Bench

Pencils, pencils – we see lots of them everyday. But this week, I will show you some that you don’t come across everyday and that might just inspire you to … Continue reading

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Dose #54 – BAAutiful 7: “Heart Felt” – The Art of Teresa Perleberg

We come to the last part of our  BAAutiful series with the needle felting art of Teresa Perleberg. Dose #48-54 : “BAAutiful” (A Special Year of  the Sheep series) Dose # 54 … Continue reading

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Dose #53 – BAAutiful 6: An Artist’s Life on a Sheep Farm

On the last two of our 7 part BAAutiful series, we go into the world of  Teresa Perleberg, a needle felting artist who lives and works on a sheep farm … Continue reading

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Dose #52 – BAAutiful 5: Landscapes in Wool

Today, an artist uses all natural wool to depict the beauty of her natural environment in New Zealand –how BAAutiful is that! Dose #48-54 : ” BAAutiful” (A Special Year of the … Continue reading

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Dose #51 – BAAutiful 4: DIY-Wool Dryer Balls

Today, you can say goodbye to dryer sheets and rubber dryer balls . Learn how to make your own all- natural wool dryer balls! Dose #48-54 : ” BAAutiful” (A Special Year … Continue reading

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Dose #50 – BAAutiful 3: Thermafleece

Today, a naturally BAAutiful building insulation… Dose #48-54 : ” BAAutiful”  (A Special Year of the Sheep series) Dose # 50 – BAAutiful 3:  Thermafleece Dose #50: Thermafleece Sheep Wool Building Insulation Spotted at: Inhabitat,  Thermafleece  … Continue reading

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Dose #49 – BAAutiful 2: Wool Ball Felt Pouf

As I did my research on cool products from wool, I chanced upon this piece of furniture.  The design is so simple yet so beautiful.  Rows of wool balls in a … Continue reading

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Dose #48 – BAAutiful 1: Year of the Sheep Hanging Decor

Happy Year of the Sheep!  To celebrate this year of the sheep, we have a special series for you called BAAutiful. We look into exciting new and beautiful creations using what … Continue reading

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Dose #47 – Piano Man 3: David Lanz

On the last of our Piano Men series, we head to New York to speak with celebrated New-Age piano man David Lanz. — For over thirty years, the visionary recordings and … Continue reading

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