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Dose #52 – BAAutiful 5: Landscapes in Wool

Today, an artist uses all natural wool to depict the beauty of her natural environment in New Zealand –how BAAutiful is that!

Dose #48-54 : ” BAAutiful” (A Special Year of the Sheep series)
Dose # 52 – BAAutiful 5:  Landscapes in Wool

Dose #52: Landscapes in Wool by Leanne Clarry

Spotted at: woolartistnz

Description:  artist creates landscape paintings using various shades of un-scoured wool

What inspired the use of wool as an art medium: “Being married to a sheep farmer stimulated the initial interest in wool.  Leanne had three different colored fleeces carded for spinning into yarn that year, but alas they turned out not to be suitable for the task.” (Read more on woolartistnz)

Her process of painting with wool: “I begin by using a white wool background and then lay colored wool on top.  No glue is used.  Wool is very springy and wants to keep moving, but the texture of the wool binds it together, and it is held in place by glass and frame.  The tonal colours of the wool give an effect like a sepia photograph.  One needs an incredible amount of patience for it all to happen, but I have found it to be a very rewarding hobby. “ – Leanne Clarry  (Read more on woolartistnz)


“Leanne’s works, uniquely depict New Zealand scenes of bush, water, hills, mountains and sheep.  They have been featured in several New Zealand Art Galleries, and have also been showcased on England’s Granada TV.” – (Read more on woolartistnz)


Watch this video from Granada Television, UK

rx-logo-11So do… believe that everything happens for a reason, like artist Leanne’s fate- getting married to a sheep farmer opened the possibility of her creating art using wool.

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