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Dose #47 – Piano Man 3: David Lanz

On the last of our Piano Men series, we head to New York to speak with celebrated New-Age piano man David Lanz.

For over thirty years, the visionary recordings and live performances of David Lanz have served to heal, to inspire, to provide spiritual nourishment to diverse audiences around the globe. “My music has been used for years by traditional and alternative healers,” states Lanz. “I would never claim that it had healing effects, however, I do believe that music can set the stage and create the atmosphere and the inner feeling and attitude needed for the listener to tap into their own healing abilities, which I believe we all possess.” Read more on his bio

Dose #45-47 : ” Piano Men”
On Love,  Harmony &  more…

Dose # 47 – Piano Man # 3: David Lanz, USA

There’s music that makes you dance then there’s those that make you sing.  David’s music uplifts, inspires, calms – it makes the listener focus inward. Every person is bound to have a unique experience with his music.  I personally  feel a special connection with David’s  Spiral Dance .  With its dreamy, soothing melody, I see myself walking leisurely and peacefully in the inner landscape of my heart, connecting with my deepest longings.

Name: David Lanz
City/Country base: New York, USA
Training: Childhood piano lessons 4-12 years old/self-taught composer
Years of Training: Whole life:-)
Years in the profession: Same
Type of Music: known primarily as a contemporary pianist-new age-jazz-neo-classical
Nature of Practice: (band, music education, arranging, recording,etc): all of the above


Photo by BHP Images, on DL photo gallery

DDoA: Did you come from a musical family?
DL: My mother and grandmother were both piano players. Both played hymns, pop music from their eras, and my mother would occasionally play a little Boogie Woogie!

DDoA: Who would you consider your mentor?
DL: My second childhood piano teacher, Patrick Doyle, taught me ear training, which was invaluable as I began to lean how to compose and learn simple rock and roll songs off the radio.

DDoA: What events/circumstances in your life made you realize you had a calling to be a piano man/musician?
DL: It was a long process of becoming who I am, but I “knew” from about the age of 10 that I wanted to be a professional pianist.  From there, I continued to dream how that would take place and several years later I was playing as a professional, in a little rock band, at age 14.

DDoA: What do you love the most/least about your profession?
DL: I love performing, when I am in the “zone” with my audience…but long travel days and arranging tours can be very un-fun:-)

DDoA: They say music (or art in general) is a jealous muse. Do you find this to be true? What challenges have you experienced/are experiencing in your personal life/family life because of your profession?
DL: My first wife asked me to choose between her and music…that did not go how she planned it! I am now with my life partner, Kristin Amarie, who is also a composer, recording artist and a brilliant singer/musician…so our life together now is built around many of the challenges of the music business as well as the many challenges of an intimate relationship.

Lanz & Amerie

David Lanz with life partner Kristin Amarie who shares his passion for music


DDoA: Please share your most memorable experience as a pianist (and lessons you have learned from it)
DL: I have had a very full life in music, beginning with years as a journeyman, on the road and in studios learning my craft. My decision to work in the instrumental/new-age field came about from my meditation practice and general longing to create music to uplift the listener.

I have received thousands of heartfelt thanks from listeners about how the music has made a positive difference in their lives.

I have had numerous performances ending with audiences outpourings of love and appreciation, and many successful charting and best selling albums. There have been many thousands of pianist studying and performing my music, which has been a complete surprise!

All of this adds up to a more than wonderful experience and affirmation that by being my true musical self…the world has given back so much to me because of this.

 What traits/work ethics do you consider important in order to succeed as a pianist/musician?
DL: Focus-practice-hard work-getting both your body (fingers) and heart (emotions) in balance with the music.

Tell us about your latest or current project (album/collaborations,etc.)
DL: Kristin Amarie and I have just released our first full collaboration…Forever Christmas. We are now beginning a new project that will be featuring original vocal and instrumental pieces.

What message do you have for aspiring pianists out there…
DL: To succeed in music (and many other vocations) you need to stand out as an original. The best way to do this, is to find out who you are…because only then will you be an original…as there is only one of you! Follow your musical heart…be yourself…and PRACTICE!!!!

To learn more about David Lanz, read his biography and fun facts 


Here are some videos that David Lanz has handpicked to share with us on DDoA:

Here Comes the Sun (song and album title)

Love’s Return (from Movements of the Heart)

All is Calm (single with Kristin Amarie)


rx-logo-11So do… ponder on the words of American piano man David Lanz: “To succeed in music (and many other vocations) you need to stand out as an original. The best way to do this, is to find out who you are…because only then will you be an original…as there is only one of you! “

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