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Dose #48 – BAAutiful 1: Year of the Sheep Hanging Decor

Happy Year of the Sheep!  To celebrate this year of the sheep, we have a special series for you called BAAutiful. We look into exciting new and beautiful creations using what sheep give lots of to the world -wool.

We start with a simple kid’s project which I did with my little crafters in school. We try to imitate wool by using cotton to make a Year of the Sheep hanging decor to bring good cheer to our homes throughout 2015.

Dose #48-54 : ” BAAutiful”(A Special Year of the Sheep series)
Dose # 48 – BAAutiful 1: Year of the Sheep Hanging Decor

You’ll need:

  • 2 used paper coasters (round or square)
  • carbon paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • cotton balls
  • store-bought CNY charms
  • 4 mini popsicle sticks
  • glue gun
  • black dimensional paint
  • optional: 2 googly eyes, red felt for the back

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Draw a head of a sheep to use as a pattern

Step 2. Transfer image onto one of the paper coasters using carbon paper.

Step 3. Cut out the head and set aside.

step 1- The Head

Step 4. For the body: Using scissors, scallop the edges of the second coaster.

step 2- The Body

Step 5. Using the glue gun, attach the mini popsicle sticks onto the back of the scalloped coaster. Then glue pre-cut sheep head to body.

Step 3- The Legs

Step 4- Putting the Sheep Together

Step 6. Draw outline all around the sheep plus details of face using a black dimensional paint (like puffy paint). Allow to dry completely.

Step 7. Punch 2 holes (top and bottom of body) and attach the yarns from the CNY charm.

Step 5- Adding Details

Step 8. Now using craft glue, attach cotton pieces onto the sheep to resemble wool.

The Activity- CottonWOOL

Option 1: Attach cotton only to body
Option 2: Attach cotton to body and face – make sure you do not cover the black outline and details of the face.

*Other options: 1. Attach 2 googly eyes  2. Glue red felt on the back of sheep


And there you have it – Your Year of the Sheep Hanging Decor.

COVER image
Here are my little crafters at work:

kids-comic effect

And here are their flock of sheep:


rx-logo-11So do… remember a couple of things about the year of the sheep: 1)it is the most creative sign in the Chinese zodiac; 2) two of the most creative people in history were born under this sign: Michelangelo and Thomas Edison.

2015 is then a great year to get started on your creative projects. And one more thing- much as I think sheep are adorable — don’t forget the words of Irving Berlin,“If you’re worried and you can’t sleep -Just count your blessings instead of sheep- And you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.”

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