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Dose #29 – Chanel of Expression

Last week,  I had the privilege of experiencing a plethora of art from all around the world at Art Stage Singapore. I wish to share with you some of the … Continue reading

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Dose #28 – Write & Wear Love Letters

We started this Truly Kawaii series with Giftee, and today we finish off with another novelty shirt- one that will help you declare your love and wear it proudly too… We come … Continue reading

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Dose # 21 – El-Bularyo & The Tindak Sugbo (Bike Cebu) Jingle

Today, a jingle created by a bike enthusiast-permaculturist to help promote the movement for bike lanes in Cebu City, Philippines. We come to the last of our 7 BiciCOOL Ideas 7 of … Continue reading

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Dose #12- Info Barrels

Today, mini wooden barrels used to display information about the Spice Trade… We continue our feature on 7 Sentosa Screens 5 of 7 Dose # 12- Info Barrels Spotted at: Maritime Experiential Museum, … Continue reading

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Dose #11- Mini Theatre Screen

Today, a mini theatre used to show a video of an actual theatre performance. We continue our feature on 7 Sentosa Screens 4 of 7 Dose # 11-  Mini Theatre Screen Spotted at: Sentosa Island, Singapore … Continue reading

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RemiNEIGHcin’ 4: Horse as Healer at CKRH

Breeding, riding, racing horses – these are typical activities that happen in Kentucky. But there is a new way horses are improving lives in and around Kentucky – equine therapy. Today we’ll  listen … Continue reading

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RemiNEIGHcin’ 3: Kevin Noltemeyer & An Injured Colt

Today we listen to the story of horse trainer Kevin Noltemeyer and his faith in and commitment to an injured colt. Keeping Faith In An Injured Colt by Kevin Noltemeyer Working on … Continue reading

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RemiNEIGHcin’ 2: Susan Bright & Her Hanoverian Soul Mate

We continue RemiNEIGHcin’ with Susan Bright and MANGO, which she fondly refers to as her Hanoverian soul mate. My Hanoverian Soul Mate by Susan Bright My story is not unique. It’s … Continue reading

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RemiNEIGHcin’ 1: Alona Demmers & Her Horsey Story

To close the year of the horse 2014, we bring you horse stories from the “Bluegrass State”(a nickname based on the bluegrass found in many of Kentucky‘s pastures due to the … Continue reading

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A Christmas Song is Born 5: Merry Christmas, Darling

Today we look into the birth story of “Merry Christmas, Darling”, a Christmas classic that through the years has been soothing like a balm for lovers and families spending the holidays apart. … Continue reading

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