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Dose #29 – Chanel of Expression

Last week,  I had the privilege of experiencing a plethora of art from all around the world at Art Stage Singapore. I wish to share with you some of the pieces that appealed to me not just for its intriguing medium but also for the veracity of its statement.

We start with Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore
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Dose #29: Chanel of Expression
LES IDEES NOIRES SERIES” by Egyptian-born French artist YVES HAYAT

Spotted at: Mark Hachem, Booth A3a, Art Stage Singapore 2015

The Idea: using the Chanel NOIR Perfume as a start off point to talk about the different dark emotions that we often keep bottled inside us.

NOIR series

LES IDEES NOIRES SERIES (lit.The Black Ideas/ fig. The Dark Thoughts)
Art by Egyptian-born French artist YVES HAYAT
Digital prints on transparent film, burnt and enclosed in plexiglass boxes
1st row (L-R): solitude, depression, mélancolie (melancholy/sadness)
2nd row (L-R): abandon, help, angoisse (anguish/anxiety) 

A Little about artist Hayat
in his own words:


Egyptian-born French artist YVES HAYAT
Photo from his website

“I admit that I’m more interested in manipulating reality than in recording it. My artwork between photography, installation and “Narrative Figuration” proposes visions where theatricalization is a part of the project. I am a total visual consumer : I film, download, scan, retouch…. as the director of a new reality. Using superimpositions, shifts, misappropriations, I confront the past and present, beauty and horror, indifference and fanaticism. Through a questioning about the art/ politic/ media relations, I try to conceive a critical art work where the attraction for the culture of media, cinema and advertising shows through. Using modern techniques, my work proposes a report of what our history and our society have thought, generated, transformed, destroyed… while always keeping in mind that when the work of Art creates unrest, it evacuates the common place.”
Yves HAYAT, Artist’s Statement from his website

-Read this interview with HAYAT  on L.I. Art


rx-logo-11So do… take inspiration from the courage of artist Hayat to face the darker realities of our humanity. And if I may add- and seek help when necessary. We don’t have to be all alone in our dark moments.

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