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Dose #12- Info Barrels

Today, mini wooden barrels used to display information about the Spice Trade…

We continue our feature on 7 Sentosa Screens
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Dose # 12- Info Barrels

Spotted at: Maritime Experiential Museum, Sentosa Island, Singapore

The Idea: Mini Wooden Barrels with informative photos on screens that you can roll on demand. Why wooden barrels? Because the information is about the spice trade – and the spices on board those trading vessels were carried inside wooden barrels.

The Possibilities:  What about kegs to show images from beer history at a Beer Museum? How about mini kegs with panels that allow you to insert your cocktail recipes (fun & accessible, indeed).

 5- Roll-a-window of INFO


rx-logo-11 So do… use a relevant medium to display information. It makes learning more fun and memorable.

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