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Dose #28 – Write & Wear Love Letters

We started this Truly Kawaii series with Giftee, and today we finish off with another novelty shirt- one that will help you declare your love and wear it proudly too…

We come to the last of our 7 Truly Kawaii Japanese Products
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Dose #28: Write & Wear Love Letters

Spotted at: Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

The Idea: Treating a white shirt like white letter paper on which you can print your love message.

The Possibilities: This gift shop in Tokyo sells a few different versions of  love letters t-shirts; but imagine this —-an on-line on-demand t-shirt company that offers this service. You can order a custom printed love letter t-shirt and they also deliver it right to the doorstep of your sweetheart.


rx-logo-11So do… learn from this Tokyo company —find new ways to express your love.

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