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Dose # 20 – Zacharevic’s Little Children on Bicycle Mural

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Georgetown  in Penang was one of the stops of my Moments of Motherhood {MOM} Traveling exhibition. There’s lots to see and do in this Heritage City but one of the most unforgettable sights for me was Ernest”ZACH” Zacharevic’s “Little Children on Bicycle” mural on Armenian Street (the same street where I was showing). There were always people creating their own unique scene/photograph. I went past this mural countless times during my stay in Georgetown thus I personally witnessed how it never failed to bring laughter among the photographer, the person being  photographed and the passersby.

Today, I share with you this curious mural and the indefatigable genius behind it…

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Dose #20: Ernest Zacharevic’s “Little Children on Bicycle” Mural

Spotted at: Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

The Inspiration/Idea: Couple tells story behind Zacharevic’s famous mural on Armenian Street:

“It all started when Tan Yi, six, and her brother, Tan Kern, four, were out with their parents Adrian Tan and Ashley Teoh, who are members of the Urban Sketchers Penang during a sketching walkabout, at the Goddess of Mercy Temple in Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling last year. Zacharevic was also at the event.

“Ernest came on his bicycle and my children were playing with the bike. While they were having fun, he noticed them and started taking their photographs.

“He captured that particular scene which has now become the famous mural,” Tan said.

Tan, an interior designer, said the artist later asked if he could paint the siblings.” Read more…


Ernest Zacharevic’s “Little Children on Bicycle” Mural


About Lithuanian Artist: Ernest “ZACH” Zacharevic
(In his own words, from graffitiprints)

“My inspiration comes from a constant observation of an everyday life. New experiences and challenges give me a different perspective to both my studio practice and street art. Therefore subjects and mediums are always changing. Public art is my passion in life, it allows me to reach the audience undefined by it’s social background. It can be seen by everyone who passes by and is not confined to a narrow audience who visits galleries. I see my work as an experience rather than an object. I take time to study the audience as much as the subjects of my work. Directing the possible encounters of the people who see my work and the artwork is a game and a challenge I enjoy.” -Zach

Ernest with his mural

Photo of Zach with his famous mural 
Juice! magazine feature, Photo from Zach’s Facebook album

“After years of training as a painter in a very traditional school of arts I developed a need to shift my focus away from improving painting skills and techniques to exploring the flexibility of medium to match the subject. Now my art practice is a collage of different mediums. I always try to focus on the content and the context of my work and not to limit myself by a medium. I put a lot of research into my work: take photographs, observe architecture, people, landscape and translate this into an artwork.” -Zach

Read more on graffitiprints

Witness the making of Ernest Zacharevic’s
Little Children on Bicycle

Follow ZACH’s fascinating world on Facebook
Visit Zach’s website 


rx-logo-11So do… as Zach does-  take inspiration from observation of everyday life; welcome new experiences and challenges as they will give you a different perspective in your art practice.

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