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Dose #22 – GIFTEE

After seeing some COOL bike trends in our last series, I thought we could move to another C word – CUTE, which is “kawaii” in Japanese. Here are some really cute products from Japan…

We begin with our 7 Truly Kawaii Japanese Products
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Dose #22: GIFTEE

Spotted at: Singapore (arrived as a gift from Japan)

The Idea:  Japan’s GIFTEE company says ‘T-shirt is the best present!’ And I totally agree, if of course, you know the size and taste of the receiver so well.

The Possibilities: Imagine an on-line on-demand shirt company that let’s you mix and match designs with shirt colors, and of course with the ability to choose size and mode of delivery of present.


The GIFTEE Gift Box


A joint birthday celebration for my son Lucas (L) and Sorekara(R).
Sore’s family and us were neighbours with the couple who sent these GIFTEEs for the boys.
So nice to have them celebrate together with matching shirts!

rx-logo-11So do… remember: when it comes to presents – keep it simple and useful!

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