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Dose # 72:Knits & Nets 4: Ghost Net Art

Today, fisher folks in Australia’s remote Darnley Island (Erub) turn ghost nets into beautiful artworks to send out a powerful environmental message and call-to- action to the world … Dose # 69-75- Knits & Nets Dose #72: Knits … Continue reading

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Dose # 21 – El-Bularyo & The Tindak Sugbo (Bike Cebu) Jingle

Today, a jingle created by a bike enthusiast-permaculturist to help promote the movement for bike lanes in Cebu City, Philippines. We come to the last of our 7 BiciCOOL Ideas 7 of … Continue reading

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Save CEBU’s Trees 5: The Ride-sharing Solution

Welcome to Day 5 of Save Cebu’s Trees! Yesterday we talked about Road Safety and Courtesy Solutions to ease congestion in the south without widening the road. Now the point … Continue reading

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Save CEBU’s Trees 3: Greener Streets are Safer Streets

Welcome to Day 3 of “Save Cebu’s Trees”! Today we will learn why greener streets are safer streets. We will also try to answer the question “Would widening the road … Continue reading

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Save CEBU’s Trees 2: Trees Can Do Just About Everything

Welcome to Day 2 of Save CEBU’s Trees! Anytime in life when we have to make a decision, it is imperative to learn as much of the relevant facts that … Continue reading

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Save CEBU’s Trees 1: A Heritage Caravan & A Signature Campaign for Cebu’s Trees

Welcome to a new week here on DDoA! It has been tough deciding on this week’s topic. I wanted to write about earthquakes because of the 7.2 earthquake that hit my hometown of … Continue reading

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