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DOTermination 1: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

This week DDoA brings you DOTermination, a special series featuring folks, trends and events that made or are making their mark in the history of dots… But before we get … Continue reading

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Conversational Calaveras 5: Dem Bones (Dance & ARTivities)

Today we have the last part of our Conversational Calaveras. I bring you the Skeleton Dance by Super Simple Learning and some ARTivities  to do after dancing skeleton-style. The Skeleton … Continue reading

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CLIPART 1: Have you ever looked at a paper clip?

Welcome to a new week here on DDoA! Our special series this week is called “CLIPART”. I bring you different takes on the paper clip in different media. We start … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 7: JUNK CELLOS – Luthiers & Players (Paraguay, UK, Canada & Mexico)

All week I featured classical cellists with traditional instruments, today in the last feature of this special series Cello con  affetto,  I bring you JUNK CELLOS and the people who made them … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 6: Sibling Duo – Emil & Dariel Liakhovetski (USA)

On day six of Cello con affetto, I bring you Emil & Dariel Liakhovetski. Many of you may have seen this phenomenal sibling duo on America’s Got Talent. The boys learned cello from … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 5: Cello & Comic Puppetry – Sonja Lena Schmid & Oskar (Germany)

Today I bring you the cellist of the world renowned quartet Salut Salon — Sonja Lena Schmid.  We focus on the many comic puppetry acts that happen around the cello thanks … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 4: Cellists at Camp (USA)

Ever wonder where music students go when school is out or when summer break has begun?  Do they stop training? Do they go on holiday somewhere? The answer varies of course. … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 3: Cello & Teatro – Linda Kolláti (Hungary)

Today I bring you Hungarian cellist and music educator Linda Kolláti. She shares with us her great passion for theatre and life. Linda Kolláti was born in Hungary, a country rich in … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 2: Cellists in Love- Tomo and Nao Toyoda (Japan)

Today  I bring you the  story of Tomo and Nao Toyoda – two cellists who met at a cello festival and fell in love. DDoA: When did you start playing cello? Tomo: … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 1: Cellist Conductors – Karen & Gevorg Sargsyan (Armenia)

“Cello con affetto” or cello with affection is the title of this week’s special series on DDoA. I bring you some very talented cellists from Armenia to America- with their passions, … Continue reading

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