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Cello con affetto 6: Sibling Duo – Emil & Dariel Liakhovetski (USA)

On day six of Cello con affetto, I bring you Emil & Dariel Liakhovetski. Many of you may have seen this phenomenal sibling duo on America’s Got Talent.

The boys learned cello from their grandfather, Leonid Rubanchik, who emigrated from Belarus, Russia, and was a touring principal cellist in the United States. He lives with the family, and has been the only teacher the boys have ever known.”He’s our coach, and we want to never stop learning,” Emil says. “There’s always something more we can achieve.” via South Florida

Before doing their audition with America’s Got Talent, Dariel Liakhovetski said, “We’re here to pay back to our grandfather, everything he did for us, after all these years, i think he deserves to see us on a big stage.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.42.55 pm

The young immigrant Leonid Rubanchik from Belarus, Russia

“Our grandfather originally inspired us to start playing cello. he actually came from Russia and he came here with nothing, no money, nothing, just his cello and that’s how he made a living. He inspired us and started teaching us when we were four. We never took lessons from anybody else.”- Dariel Liakhovetski

Leonid said in an interview with NBC , “I always tell the boys: In America, if you work really hard, dreams come true.”


L-R – Emil Liakhovetski, grandfather Leonid Rubanchik and Dariel Liakhovetski
Image from Sun Sentinel

Here is one of the great things that has come out of the boys sharing their talents via America’s Got Talent…

Dear Fans,
Our grandpa wanted us to let you know that he is extremely honoured and humbled by judge Howard Stern’s invitation to perform on the Radio City Music Hall stage.  Unfortunately, due to his heart condition, he wanted us to relay that he is not physically able to perform. He says that he is living his life-long dream through us, and his dream has already come true. He feels your immense love and is extremely grateful to all of you for the warm wishes and support.
from Emil and Dariel’s Instagram (Aug 29, 2014)

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.23.27 pm

Then and Now -Emil and Dariel enjoying each other’s company in Florida
Images from E & D’s Facebook Album

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.20.49 pm

Then and Now -Emil and Dariel
Top- One of their earliest public performances, Bottom – Their America’s Got Talent audition

A Little About Emil & Dariel:

Emil – 16
Dariel- 14

Beginning of Cello Learning/Playing:
4 years old

City: Boca Raton, Florida

Father: Anatoli, dentist
Mother: Alla, homemaker

Emil – attending Florida Atlantic University on a Bright Futures scholarship
Dariel – homeschooled by his mom Alla

Cello Mentor/Teacher:
Leonid Rubanchik  (their grandfather, who immigrated from Belarus, Russia)

Daily Cello Practice:
– 5 hours a day practicing in their living room, with their amplifiers cranked up
Sometimes, neighbors walking by outside will stop in front of the Liakhovetski house and listen. via South Florida

The boys say they model themselves after 2CELLOS, a Croatian duo that toured with Elton John and appeared on “Glee.” Info source

Playing style/ Improvisation Technique:
They swap playing the lead melody and the rhythm within a song, aiming for such precise intonation that they expect listeners to not realize who is playing which part. Info source

Watch this video of Emil and Dariel playing with the 2 Cellos – Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser: Luka Šulić asked the audience “Are you ready for 4 cellos?”

From classical to heavy metal, Emil & Dariel  have an incredible range and repertoire.  This is the advantage of starting one’s  musical training with classical music.

Experience more of the duo’s energy and music: Check out their collection of videos on their you tube channel

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So do…as Emil and Dariel did, while you’re young and your parents are willing to pay for your music tuition—welcome, focus on, and appreciate a solid classical training. After which, you can spread your wings and go wherever you want to take your creative expression. (For parents-  if you can afford it, make sure all your children experience some kind of musical training. Learning and playing music together creates a beautiful bond between siblings).

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