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Cello con affetto 2: Cellists in Love- Tomo and Nao Toyoda (Japan)

Today  I bring you the  story of Tomo and Nao Toyoda – two cellists who met at a cello festival and fell in love.

DDoA: When did you start playing cello?
Tomo: Age 6
Nao: Age 10

DDoA: Your favourite cello piece? Your favorite composer?
Tomo: Brahms cello sonata No.1 & 2
Nao: Bach cello suites

DDoA: Your most unforgettable cello performance?
Tomo: Haydn cello concerto no.1 by Steven Isserlis
Nao: Beethoven sonatas by Jean Guihen Queyras

DDoA: Where did you two meet?
T & N: Met at Kobe 1000 cello festival in 2005 (3rd cello festival), during the break before the concert.
Note: The 4th 1000 cello festival was held in Hiroshima in 2010

DDoA: Tell us about this 1000 cello festival event in Kobe ?
It was a weeklong international cello convention in May 2005 in Kobe. At that time, the city was commemorating the 10th anniversary of the devastating Great Hanshin Earthquake.

I thought it would help attract more people to the city, because it was seeing a decline in visitor numbers after the earthquake. – Takumi Matsumoto, one of the organisers of the event who is a devoted amateur cellist, chairman of the International Cello Ensemble Society (a Kobe-based nonprofit organization) — as well as the chef/owner of a kushikatsu barbecue restaurant in Kobe via Japan Times

Kobe 1000 cello 2005

Kobe 1000 Cello Music Festival in 2005
Kobe, Japan

DDoA: How did you spot each other amongst the performers? What drew you to each other?
T & N: Outside there were so many cellists eating lunch.  We just happened to sit next to each other and started chatting. We found out that we were both working in Tokyo, so we started  dating and finally decided to  get married.

DDoA: When did you get married? Did you play some cello music at your wedding party?
T & N:  We had our wedding on April 25, 2010. At our wedding party, we played some cello pieces together, accompanied by  Nao`s brother on the piano.

Tomo & Nao- playing at wedding party

At their wedding reception:
Nao and Tomo Toyoda playing Elgar’s Salut d’amour
April  25, 2010, Japan

DDoA: What are the advantages/disadvantages of marrying a person who plays the same musical instrument and loves music as much as you do?
T & N: One advantage is that we have the same interest in music, especially listening, so we can enjoy doing this together.

Berlin Philharmoniker-concert at the park

Tomo, Nao and Baby Kana
watching the Berlin Philarmonic at the Park in Germany

DDoA: Do you practice/perform together? And how often?
T & N: We seldom play together.  I guess the valid excuse is that there are only a few music pieces for 2 cellos.  Maybe different instutuments will be easier to play together at home.

DDoA: Will you encourage your children to play music? to play cello?
T & N: Yes, if our daughter Kana plays cello, it will be a very happy thing for us.

Hana-playing with the violin

Early signs…Tomo and Nao’s daughter KANA – playing with the violin

family photo

The Toyoda Family
Although neither Tomo or Nao play cello professionally,
music is what brought them together and their music training
as well as their love for classical music help keep harmony and balance in their lives.
Photo taken in Vietnam where they currently live

DDoA: What do you think is the greatest role of music in the world?
T & N: The sense of`Harmony` is crucial in achieving peace in the world. I believe that learning and playing music will make one a better human being.

Below are different definitions of HARMONY to remind us of its importance in our lives:
Muscial definition: 
The study of the structure, progression, and relation of chords; A combination of sounds considered pleasing to the ear via The American Heritage
General definition:  
a combination of parts into a pleasing or orderly whole via Webster’s
My favourite definition: 
Harmony is when you feel happy. Harmony is when people are all getting along together. Harmony is when people are nice to one another. Harmony is the flow of life. via World Harmony Run

image for headerSo do… connect and collaborate with other talents for a good cause. Not only is it a sure way of making good things happen in your community, but also a great way of meeting people (and possibly – a life partner, as well).


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