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DOTermination 5: Polka Dot + Moonbeam Jazz Duo

On our last feature in the DOTermination series, we bring you a most refreshing and inspiring jazz duo from Down Under.  Meet Juliet Pang 冯欣慧  (a.k.a. Polkadot) and Didi Mudigdo  (a.k.a. Moonbeam). … Continue reading

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Snakes & Ladders 1: Origins and Versions

After a week of stories from yoga professionals, I now feature something that relates to the country of origin of Yoga; I bring you Snakes & Ladders. Yes, it’s a special series … Continue reading

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Family on the Move 5: Christine Rola Biskaduros and Family

Today we conclude our Family on the Move series with a meet up with Christine Biskaduros in Paris (not in *Ontario – but France, hahaha). Christine shares her experience and advice on how you and … Continue reading

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Family on the Move 4: Carolyn Drewery and Family

From Singapore we head to Tokyo to meet with Carolyn Drewery another expert on relocating family and living abroad. Let’s learn from her vast experience and practical tips. Name: Carolyn Drewery Home … Continue reading

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Family on the Move 3: Hiromi Nonaka and Family

From Canada we head to Singapore to meet with another seasoned mover – our Japanese friend Hiromi Nonaka.  Let’s listen to her stories and survival tips… Name: Hiromi Nonaka  Home country: Japan Current Country … Continue reading

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Family on the Move 2: Rehana Van Twest and Family

Today we head to Calgary to meet with Sri Lankan Rehana Van Twest and listen to her wealth of experience in the area of ‘living abroad, again!’ Name: Rehana Van Twest Home Country : Sri … Continue reading

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Bubble Talk 2: Bubble Prints & Projects

Today we look into different ways we can print with bubbles. I share with you some tutorials. I also have some cool projects to try out after you’ve made your … Continue reading

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Bubble Talk 1: Bubble Blowing Fun – Paintings and Parenting Tips

Welcome to a new week here on Daily Dose of Art! This week we’re doing some bubble talk. We check out what different artists have done with bubbles. Today we start with … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 6: Sibling Duo – Emil & Dariel Liakhovetski (USA)

On day six of Cello con affetto, I bring you Emil & Dariel Liakhovetski. Many of you may have seen this phenomenal sibling duo on America’s Got Talent. The boys learned cello from … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 1: Cellist Conductors – Karen & Gevorg Sargsyan (Armenia)

“Cello con affetto” or cello with affection is the title of this week’s special series on DDoA. I bring you some very talented cellists from Armenia to America- with their passions, … Continue reading

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