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Bubble Talk 1: Bubble Blowing Fun – Paintings and Parenting Tips

Welcome to a new week here on Daily Dose of Art! This week we’re doing some bubble talk. We check out what different artists have done with bubbles. Today we start with paintings and tips for parents on bubble blowing.

The paintings below are evidence that bubble blowing has a universal human appeal and has stood the test of time. “Bubble blowers are among the oldest and most popular of children’s toys. Even when families had no money for toys, they could find a wire to twist into a circle and some soap for blowing bubbles.” (via bubble bowers.com)

“For the sheer joy it creates, blowing bubble is a  great way to spend time with your little one.” But did you know… Researchers have also found a connection between bubble blowing and language development in young children. So you can turn your bubble time into a skill-building session if you want. via baby parenting.about.com

Tips on Bubble Blowing Fun for Parent & Child
So while blowing bubbles is magical for toddlers and twos, sometimes it’s a bit monotonous for Mom and Dad. How do you keep blowing? Make a game of it. From counting how many bubbles your tot can pop  to creating your own crazy bubble dance, there are countless ways to making blowing bubbles more than just about the bubbles. And to make it more than something so fleeting, you can create bubble prints with each pop.
Learn more on babyparenting.about.com
Click here to learn how to make bubble print pictures
your own bubble solution

Learn more about soap bubbles on wikipedia
Learn about the history of bubble blowers on bubble blowers.com


Two Boys Blowing Bubbles (ca. 1630)
by Adriaen Hanneman
via Wikipedia

Soap Bubbles-Jean Siméon Chardin

Soap Bubbles
by Jean Siméon Chardin
Medium: Oil on canvas
Date: ca. 1733–34
Image via metmuseum

Grandpa Blowing Bubbles

Grandpa Blowing Bubbles
Oil Painting by Victor Nizovtsev
Image via mcbridegallery


Blowing Bubbles
Image via annacatharina

Acrylic on canvas.  30cm wide x 40cm tall (12" x 16")

Blowing Bubbles
Mixed media art by Paulina Constancia
Moments of Motherhood Collection, 2013
Artist’s Personal Note: “Blowing bubbles is something I enjoyed as a child and so I wanted to share that joy with my son. I enjoy integrating bubble play in the playground or the pool. It is so important though to be sure you are doing it in a safe environment where there’s enough room for your child to chase the bubbles. When they’re little, children like to try to catch and pop bubbles.” 

The Art Bubble – Painting Of Art Auction Sotheby’s
Oil Painting by Gerard Boersma
via the artist’s blog
Artist’s Personal Note:“On the painting you see a contemporary art auction at the famous auction house Sotheby’s in New York. Record prices are being paid for contemporary art everywhere and some people say this is a bubble about to burst if it hasn’t already. On my painting you see this bubble quite literally, the auctioned painting is one of a young girl blowing bubbles. Then again, the painting is well executed, so why shouldn’t it fetch a high price? “

Check out this Bubbles Time Lapse Painting by Ondrea Mays

For those interested in painting bubbles here are some useful tutorials on ehow:
How to Make a Bubble Look Real in a Painting
How to Paint Bubbles on Walls

image for headerSo do…try blowing bubbles as a bonding activity with your little child. Learn ways to make it more fun for both of you. As About.com suggests – how about some counting? crazy dancing?bubble printing?


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