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Dose #47 – Piano Man 3: David Lanz

On the last of our Piano Men series, we head to New York to speak with celebrated New-Age piano man David Lanz. — For over thirty years, the visionary recordings and … Continue reading

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Dose #46 – Piano Man 2: Ton-Herman Melis

Today, we head to the Netherlands to meet a most versatile pianist and warm personality – Ton-Herman Melis. Dose #45-47 : ” Piano Men” On Love,  Harmony &  more… Dose #46- … Continue reading

February 15, 2015 · 1 Comment

Dose #45 – Piano Man 1- Victor Oria

Happy Valentine’s to you all! 3 words – “I Love You” – the sweetest words we long to hear. However, if it’s a musician saying that to you that always comes with … Continue reading

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Dose #28 – Write & Wear Love Letters

We started this Truly Kawaii series with Giftee, and today we finish off with another novelty shirt- one that will help you declare your love and wear it proudly too… We come … Continue reading

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