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Dose #27 – Tool Hanger

Today, a tool for your tools. Pardon the redundance,  but that’s exactly what makes today’s featured item truly ‘kawaii’!

We continue with our 7 Truly Kawaii Japanese Products
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Dose #27: Tool Hanger by Decole Japan

Spotted at: Japanese Gift Market 

The Idea: a bigger tool used to hang smaller tools

The Possibilities: You’ll never look at rusty old rakes the same way again. If you’ve got stuff to hang but got no place for it – look no further my friend. Give that old rusty rake of yours a brand new purpose.


Rake Head Tool Hanger by Decole Japan


Inspired by this Decole Japan product, I googled repurposed rakes..and here are a few gems that I found…

1. old rake head used as a necklace rack – how about as a rack for belts, scarves, keys, eh?


Old Rake Head used as a Necklace Rack 
Check out 9 more ideas from Networx

2. old rake head as a kitchen tool rack


Rake Head as Kitchen Tool Rack
From Olive and Love

3. old rake as a wine glass rack


Vintage Rake Wine Glass Rack
From poppyhillfarm on etsy

rx-logo-11So do…remember the dictum: one’s man’s trash, another man’s treasure. (but why not- one man’s trash, the same man’s treasure? Hahaha!)

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