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Dose #23 – Tokyo Banana

Today, a banana-flavored sweet delight that looks and tastes just like bananas!

We continue with our 7 Truly Kawaii Japanese Products
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Dose #23: Tokyo Banana

Spotted at: around Tokyo, Japan and at  Shiok Japan branches in Singapore

The Idea: Described on wiki as:“A banana shaped sweet full of banana custard wrapped in a fluffy sponge.”

The Possibilities: Imagine other fruit versions of this idea? I’m sure Tokyo Mango, Tokyo Kiwi, Tokyo Strawberry and Tokyo Melon will be released in the next 10 years – my business forecast, hahahaha



If you are far from Tokyo or cannot get this product anywhere near you- here is a baking tutorial to help you in your attempt to make this Japanese novelty right in your own home.
Learn How to Make Tokyo Banana

rx-logo-11So do…enjoy fruit every way you can have it; although natural and fresh is still best!

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