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Dose #40 – Reunion Dinner

Today, we learn about the CNY reunion dinner and the different foods served and their symbolisms.. We continue with All I Need To Know About CNY  I Learned from a … Continue reading

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Dose #24 – Fork Cakes

Today, a pretty pun-ny product that is as fun to eat as I’m sure it was to name… We continue with our 7 Truly Kawaii Japanese Products 3 of 7 Dose #24: Fork Cakes … Continue reading

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Dose #23 – Tokyo Banana

Today, a banana-flavored sweet delight that looks and tastes just like bananas! We continue with our 7 Truly Kawaii Japanese Products 2 of 7 Dose #23: Tokyo Banana Spotted at: around Tokyo, Japan and at … Continue reading

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Totally TOKYO 7: Enticing SAMPURU

Welcome to Day 7 of Totally TOKYO here on DDOA!  Today we look into the fascinating world of SAMPURU(derived from English “sample”). This is the plastic food displayed in front of Japanese … Continue reading

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The Christmas Gift Cake: Eat As You Open

I hope you have enjoyed a whole week’s feature on Creative Green Christmas Wrapping. Today, I bring you a different kind of holiday wrapping – the kind that you can … Continue reading

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Jar-wrapping Gifts from the Kitchen

Welcome to another Food Day on Daily Dose of Art! Today we will learn how to jar-wrap those Christmas gifts from the kitchen.  Granola in Gift Jars by Angie at … Continue reading

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I hope you have enjoyed a whole week on Santa & Snow in The Tropics. Today, I bring you some of the most beautiful edible Santas that I’ve found on … Continue reading

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Edible Christmas Trees

In many parts of the world, an important part of the Christmas tradition is the decorating and lighting of the Christmas tree. Today, I feature ways in which you will … Continue reading

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! A day for lanterns, fireworks and family reunions. Make sure you look up to the moon, make a wish and of course, eat lots of moon cake.  … Continue reading

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