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Music & Tiles

One sunny day while waiting for my bus on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky, I asked this woman standing next to me, “Are you an artist?”. “Sort of”, she responded.. “I’m a performing artist”, she added. She then asked me how I knew. “I know one when I see one,” was my response. This is the providential meeting I had with Cheryl Lynne Skinner, a multi-talented performing artist in the Summer of 2002. 

“All Strung Out” handpainted tiles 
by Paulina Constancia


During my stay in Louisville, Cheryl initiated an incredibly unique  project. She asked her artist friends to interpret one of her new compositions into a work of art.  I was given the song “All Strung Out” and here is the creation that came about. 


Now you may be wondering what today’s project is all about. Collaborate, collaborate!  Get together with other creative spirits and  see where the meeting of talent and inspiration will take you. Exciting, eh?
In my case, Cheryl’s music took me to Paint Spot to create this multi-tile image of sleeping musicians and onto the CD cover of her CD Shades of Blue” (see all the artwork on that CD cover on her website under MEMORIES)


*This piece holds a message that applies to every creative journey whichever medium one embraces “Rest if you must, but don’t you quit!” (Edgar Guest’s poem “You Mustn’t Quit” is a constant inspiration)

You’ll need..
9 pcs   4″x 4″ tiles
ceramic paint
ceramic puffy paint
mosaic tiles

Let’s Begin…

  1. Go to a paint-your-own-pottery studio and pick the tiles you need. Settle in, you will be in the studio for 3 to 4 hours at least
  2. Put all the tiles together and draw like you would on one piece of paper or canvas. Try not to think that you are working on 9 tiles, it’ll make life easier for you.
  3. Limit your colours. I picked 6 colours plus black and white.
  4. Make yourself little notes about where you put the colours so that you will remember when you do several layers
  5. You’re done painting. Leave your piece with the staff at the studio for glazing and firing and return in a few days to see your art’s true beauty revealed.
  6. Mount the tile artwork on a piece of MDF and line sides with black mosaic tiles. Fill gaps with grout and put picture hanger in the back.

Note: If you are a teacher, this is a project you can mimic using foam board instead of tiles mounted on a piece of wood or thicker foam board.

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