As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

My Lovely Lady Lamp

I was in my hometown of Cebu. I don’t remember the exact year but a locally owned department store called Thrifty Mart was about to close its doors and I heard that they were selling store fixtures and other point of purchase display articles. I believe this was around the time I was still in the fashion business and had a particular interest in the store’s female busts so I went and got a few to play around with.
This was the result – a lady lamp! If you’re wondering whether I am an electrician as well, Sorry. I had to go to a lighting specialist to get the electrical and lampshade properly installed. Unless you have the training and experience, never ever toy with electrical wiring/connections.
“My Lovely Lady Lamp”
repurposed female bust figure
painted by Paulina Constancia

You’ll Need
a female bust figure
acrylic paint
sponge, brushes
Optional: stencils, add-ons, dimensional paint

Let’s Begin…

  1. Think of a  dynamic design/composition, keeping in mind where you want your lighting fixture installed (from head or shoulder)
  2. Choose a curious part  of the bust figure to highlight.   In my example, I highlighted one breast and had some kind of ‘gator’ crawling in the middle. The head was painted black and sponged with green paint so as not to draw attention away from the chest area.
  3. Draw. Paint. If you want to use stencils and add beads/gems/laces, etc, feel free to do so. 
  4. When paint dries, apply clear varnish in a well ventilated area. This will make the bust easier to maintain since it will be a home fixture that will need some occasional dusting and wiping with damp cloth.
  5. Go to a lighting specialist and have them install the lighting fixture and  the shade of your choice. How exciting–functional art in the making,eh?

Voila….Your Lovely Lady Lamp!

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