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Batik Art Bag

In my search for a new art medium to learn here in Singapore, I had  the good fortune of discovering Kamal’s Artshop at the Goodman Arts Centre.  I learned under a most kind and patient guru named Dino Hafian. Batik Making is an arduous process and for ages was reserved only for the most skilled batik artists in Indonesia and Malaysia.  However, Kamal Dollah and his team have made the medium more approachable/accessible to the general public here in Singapore.
BATIK CAT Everyday Bag
crafted by Paulina Constancia
If you can handle a pencil, you can manage a tjanting (with lots of practice & patience, of course!) I always think of batik making like a bad cold. And mind you i mean that literally! You’ll be taming that tjanting like a runny nose with lots of kleenex, hahahaha.
However, there are ways to enjoy the medium even if you don’t have that much skill with the tjanting or  time to spare. Stamping is the secret. Here is a stamped cat that I painted over an afternoon. I had planned to dedicate an hour or two handsewing this project, but  thanks to my Japanese neighbour Misa Imai, an avid quilter, I got my batik art  sewn by machine onto the shopping bag.
So whether you are learning batik or have some old sarongs lying around, this is definitely a great project for you! The result my friend- a thing of beauty with a purpose!

You will need…
Batik art or old sarongs
Canvas or Nylon shopping bag
(in a colour to match your art)

Let’s Begin…

  1. If you are using batik art, fix it  to make it last longer.  Note: There are batik artists who do not bother fixing their work and what a waste to put in those long hours only to end up with work that fades much too soon.
  2. If you are using an old sarong, roughly cut out the pattern you want to use.   
  3. Cut excess fabric leaving just enough to make a clean fold on each edge.
  4. Sew your artwork to a bag of your choice (canvas or nylon) 

Your bag is now ready! Meow!

2 comments on “Batik Art Bag

  1. Anonymous
    March 27, 2012

    Hi Paulina,

    Stumbled onto your blog finally..hehe..thank you for mentioning me and us of course here at Kamal's Artshop.

    Keep on creating art!!

  2. Paulina Constancia
    March 28, 2012

    Terima kasih, guru!

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