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Edible Christmas Trees

In many parts of the world, an important part of the Christmas tradition is the decorating and lighting of the Christmas tree. Today, I feature ways in which you will not only decorate your tree but eat it too…literally!
Edible Fruit Tree 
by Prajakta Gudadhe
Edible Fruit Tree – by Prajakta Gudadhe
Materials & Ingredients:
  • 1 styrofoam cone (small or medium size)-from your local craft store(like Michaels)
  • Toothpicks
  • Cookie cutters (various shapes)-like gingerbread-man and star- shaped cutters)
  • Assorted fruits -green and black grapes, strawberries, kiwis, dried cranberries and a honeydew melon
  • Cilantro garnish

For instructions go to Ginger and Garlic 

Christmas Cheese Tree-Tray
Veggie Tree-Platter
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