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Family on the Move 3: Hiromi Nonaka and Family

From Canada we head to Singapore to meet with another seasoned mover – our Japanese friend Hiromi Nonaka.  Let’s listen to her stories and survival tips… Name: Hiromi Nonaka  Home country: Japan Current Country … Continue reading

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Family on the Move 2: Rehana Van Twest and Family

Today we head to Calgary to meet with Sri Lankan Rehana Van Twest and listen to her wealth of experience in the area of ‘living abroad, again!’ Name: Rehana Van Twest Home Country : Sri … Continue reading

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Family on the Move 1: Clare White & Family

This week we hear from 5 women about their experiences and expert advice on moving family. Having moved so many times myself, I know that moving entails a certain art, a … Continue reading

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CLIP ART 5: What’s the message behind Pietro D’Angelo’s paper clip art?

To conclude our Clip Art series, I bring you a special interview with Italian artist Pietro D’Angelo. Most people who make little paper clip sculptures often make them out of boredom at school … Continue reading

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CLIPART 1: Have you ever looked at a paper clip?

Welcome to a new week here on DDoA! Our special series this week is called “CLIPART”. I bring you different takes on the paper clip in different media. We start … Continue reading

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Bubble Talk 5: The Bubbly Art of Bradley Hart

So we all agree that blowing bubbles is fun and that printing with bubbles and doing projects after that are great to do.   Now I ask you, what about popping … Continue reading

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Bubble Talk 4: Hakone’s Soap Bubble Castle and Its Designer PJ Pearce

Today we look into the Soap Bubble Castle at the Hakone Open Air Museum and its designer Peter Jon Pearce. About the Designer PETER JON PEARCE Structure in nature as a strategy … Continue reading

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Bubble Talk 3: Pep Bou’s Bubble Magic

Last Saturday, I found myself giggling just as much as my 4 year old as we sat side by side to experience an incredible blend of bubble blowing, shadow puppetry, comedy, … Continue reading

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Passion for Photography 6: Melvyn Calderon – Nature/Collaborations for a Cause (Philippines)

From the USA, we head to the Philippines and get acquainted with noted international photojournalist Melvyn Calderon.  It is curious to see how he has moved in a different direction and … Continue reading

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Cello con affetto 7: JUNK CELLOS – Luthiers & Players (Paraguay, UK, Canada & Mexico)

All week I featured classical cellists with traditional instruments, today in the last feature of this special series Cello con  affetto,  I bring you JUNK CELLOS and the people who made them … Continue reading

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