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Dose # 67: Fire & Rescue 6: The Goodie Bag

Today, cool ideas to inspire you as you prepare goodie bags for your kid’s Planes Fire & Rescue-themed party…

Dose # 62-68- Fire & Rescue
Learning Excursions and Party Theme

Dose #67:
Fire & Rescue 6:
The Goodie Bag

The Idea: putting together a bunch of goodies in the PLANES Fire & Rescue theme…


1. A Piston Peak Maze Activity on the Goodie Bag – printed on matte sticker paper  and adhered to front of white goodie bag


2. The Gift tag is a LUGGAGE TAG – print personalised gift tags that kids can use as bag or luggage tags

How to do it?  Design and print your personalised Planes Fire & Rescue name tags and then laminate (with machine or with the self-laminating tags below)

name tag sample copy

Here’s the front and back of the personalised luggage tags


No machine? No problem! Self-laminating luggage tags to the rescue!

3. What’s inside the Goodie Bag?


Inside the Fire & Rescue Goodie Bag

  • 2 Food Items with red wrapping
    I put Ritz cheese crackers and Ovaltine cookies
  • a Planes Fire & Rescue Activity Book
    I got this from Popular Bookstore 
  • a DIY airplane toy kit
    I got this from Art Friend (3 sets in a pack – so I printed mini stickers to put on individual packs)

DIY kit sticker
Here’s the birthday boy distributing the goodie bags to his classmates. We invited the whole school for cupcakes but only prepared goodie bags for my son’s classmates.

bday boy distributes goodie bags

rx-logo-11So do…remember there’s two things most kids enjoy- eating and playing!

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