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Dose # 66: Fire & Rescue 5: The Party Shirt

Today, we take to the skies with Disney’s PLANES Fire & Rescue.

When we started this series, I mentioned to you that my son has been fascinated by everything F & R for over a year now. This fascination was further amplified when he watched Disney’s Fire & Rescue Planes movie.  So he asked if he could have planes and helicopters for his birthday. So what is a mother to do? It it tough when your child wants party with a theme from a recently released movie. You know why? Because chances are gifts & goodies in that theme are not yet available in party stores. (I had the same experience with his Olaf-themed party last year.)  However, it is a great opportunity for a crafty Mom to put her creative foot forward. I just wanted to share with you the few things I did for his party.

We start with the party shirt. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find Fire & Rescue fabric, so I settled with two options for my boy.

Dose # 62-68- Fire & Rescue
Learning Excursions and Party Theme

Dose #66:
Fire & Rescue 5:
The Party Shirt

The Idea: create a birthday party shirt for a 5 year old who loves PLANES Fire & Rescue.  I will show you two party shirts that I came up with despite the lack of any Fire & Rescue Disney licensed fabric..

Shirt 1 – RED = Fire & Rescue

I bought this red shirt from Mothercare and the iron on number 5 from Spotlight – both from Plaza Singapura. Went home ironed the number onto the shirt and voila! a red hot shirt for my birthday boy.

iron on number

Shirt 2 – The Patched PLANE shirt
This is a mother’s best effort to create a special birthday shirt with planes (even if they are just passenger planes)

  • I got this planes fabric from Spotlight, Plaza Singapura
  • I tried to find the best angle where I could get a good 5 airplanes (below is my cut number 5)
  • I was going to sew the number by hand but decided otherwise – I went to Tekka Market to see my tailor friend JOE.

patched number-airplane fabric copy


  • When I told Joe it was for my son’s birthday he couldn’t say NO even if he was so busy with alteration jobs.



  • Joe put a newspaper in the middle and pinned that to shirt and number, I think as a ‘stabilizer ‘ so it will be easier to do the zigzag stitch around the number


And here is the finished PLANES party shirt for my 5 year old.
patched number-airplane fabric copy 2
Lucky boy – he ended up with one Mama-made shirt for his early birthday school party, and another one for his official party with family.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 3.13.35 pm

rx-logo-11So do…remember that whether preparing for a party or any other creativity challenge – all you need to put in is your best effort, and don’t forget the secret ingredient – LOVE! [remember “The Simpsons: Flaming Moe’s (#3.10)” (1991)]

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