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Dose # 68: Fire & Rescue 7: The Cake Stage and CUVA Cakes

Today, on the last of our F & R series –  I share with you how I created a PLANES Fire & Rescue-themed ‘cake stage’ .

Dose # 62-68- Fire & Rescue
Learning Excursions and Party Theme

Dose #68:
Fire & Rescue 7:
The Cake Stage and CUVA Cakes

The Idea: use kid’s toys to stage his birthday cupcakes. 1) I used his foldable runway which I mounted on a stretched canvas; 2) I used three characters/toys from Planes Fire & Rescue: Chug (left), Dusty (centre) and Blade (right).

Instead of one big birthday cake I opted for individual cupcakes – CUVA cakes from Chewy Junior. See photo below. I chose all chocolate flavours.

chewy junior

Find Chewy Junior on Facebook

I also taped up a small box as centrepiece to elevate one cupcake with his birthday candle. Here is the ‘cake stage’ ready to party.



Here is the cake stage filled with yummy chocolate cupcakes. These ones are from the Chewy Junior Bugis Junction branch in Singapore.



Photo of birthday boy with his teacher and classmates.

with class


Photo of other friends from school.

little guests

Photo of birthday boy with Mom and Dad. He was very happy to see his toys in school.


rx-logo-11So do…not be disappointed when there is no party stuff in your chosen theme available at your local party store. Think of it as an opportunity to make something very unique. And it will be special no matter what because you made it.

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