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Dose # 65: Fire & Rescue 4: Little Firefighter Portrait (a sticker activity)

Today, a Fire & Rescue themed sticker activity for preschools or parties…

Dose # 62-68- Fire & Rescue
Learning Excursions and Party Theme

Dose #65:
Fire & Rescue 4:
Little Firefighter Portrait  (School or Party Sticker Activity)

The Idea: Kids make a portrait of themselves as a firefighter using stickers provided. Perfect for preschool arts & crafts activity or party activity for Fire & Rescue- themed party

Steps for the Teacher or Party Host

Step 1 – Prepare the Activity Sheet: image of a firetruck or fire station- best to use glossy photo paper. This will be where kids will adhere the sticker pieces.

activity sheet

Here’s what I used as Activity Sheet.
Image via ABC Fire Truck

Step 2- Prepare the Firefighter Sticker pieces – If you have photos of kids it’ll be a nice touch if their face is attached to the hat instead of a blank face.

firefighter bits- 2 sets on A4 paper

The Firefighter sticker pieces – two sets should fit in one A4 sticker paper


a) If you don’t have sticker paper just use card stock and provide kids with scissors and glue for the activity.
b) If kids are very young you might have to pre-cut all the sticker pieces. If they are old enough to handle a pair of scissors, then they can cut the parts themselves.
c) You may also add a ribbon or hanging loop onto the sticker activity sheet. I also added a couple of bells, just to make a bit of noise, since we associate firefighters with sirens.

kids at work-comic effect

My young crafters at work.

finished project-comic effect

Here’s Anna proudly showing her Little Firefighter Portrait

everybody-without features

Image altered for privacy reasons

Here is a nice song/video you can use as an intro to the activity: FIRE TRUCK by Ivan Ulz

rx-logo-11So do…give children the opportunity to imagine themselves in different professions, just to check if it suits them. Hahaha

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