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Dose #37 – CNY Lion Dance

Today, we learn about a dance that we often see during Chinese New Year and other important occasions in Chinese communities. As I said – we often see this type of performance, but how much do we really know about this tradition?

We continue with “All I Need To Know About CNY
I Learned from a Transit Ad”
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Dose #37: CNY Lion Dance

Spotted at: YEO’s Transit Ads, MRT stations across Singapore

What I Learned About CNY: “Lion dances are common during Chinese New Year.  It is believed that the loud beats of the drums and cymbals chase away the “Nian” creature and welcome a safe and auspicious new year.” -YEO’s poster

Lion Dance

Lion Dance 舞狮
Info from chinatownology

  • is a traditional art form that incorporates physical training commonly associated with martial arts and ascetic expressions
  • During a lion dance performance, 2 performers co operate to “become” a lion
  • The Lion’s body consists of a lion head with movable ears, eye lids and mouth and a highly decorated body
  • The performers wear a t-shirt with the lion dance association’s logo and a special pair of pants designed to look like lion’s feet and in matching color and design with the lion’s body
  • One of the performers takes the front position and assumes the front body of the lion. He controls the lion’s eye lids, ears and the mouth while his legs moves represent the front legs of a lion
  • The second performer arches forward to form the back of the lion, controls its tail and his legs represents the hind legs of the lion
  • Lion dance performances are often accompanied by drum and gong players so that whenever there is a lion dance performances, the drum and gongs help to “inform” everyone around the area drawing crowds
  • The lion dance can occur with one or a group of lions and sometimes together with the dragon dance

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Lion Dance, Singapore
Image from imagarcade



LION DANCING at a Preschool in Singapore
My son gets his turn to take front position (the most desired spot —some kids cried when their turn ended)


Watch this short video and learn about the history of Lion Dance

Learn about the mythical creature NIAN

Check out this preview of the movie LION MEN, featuring a new take on the traditional Lion Dance- combining it with hiphop.

rx-logo-11So do…remember to be curious about other cultures and respect their traditions as much as you would like them to respect your own. Remember it takes all kinds of people ( & all kinds of dances too) to make a world!

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