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Dose #38 – Spring Cleaning

Today we look into the Chinese New Year tradition of spring cleaning that actually goes beyond cleaning the house…

We continue with “All I Need To Know About CNY 
I Learned from a Transit Ad”
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Dose #38: Spring Cleaning

Spotted at: YEO’s  Transit Ads, MRT stations across Singapore

What I Learned About CNY: “It is believed that thoroughly cleaning the house before the Chinese New Year welcomes wealth and good luck. Families gather together for a spring cleaning to make their homes ready to welcome the new year.” -YEO’s poster

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is often on top of  the Chinese New Year To-Do List

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.02.48 am

Chinese Spring Cleaning
Image via History

Watch this video about the Chinese New Year from the History Channel
In the video  you will see how the Chinese New Year To-Do-List is likened to the Western New Year’s Resolutions

CNY to do list & WesternNEW YEARs Resolution

Chinese New Year To-Do List vis-a-vis Western New Year’s Resolutions…
Image via History

rx-logo-11So do…ponder on this lovely Chinese New Year tradition of spring cleaning. I’d say the whole world should go Chinese before New Year’s eve and clean up the mess in their homes and relationships. It’s true –  it’s the only way to start afresh for the New Year.

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