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Dose #35 – Finding and Sticking to Your Joys

Today, we have the last of our ‘Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore’ series. I bring you an artist who uses stickers in her painting to make a statement about globalization and material culture…

We conclude our “Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore” series
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Dose #35: Finding and Sticking to Your Joys
“Overlap”series by Chinese artist Ye Hongxing

Spotted at: Art+Shanghai Gallery, Booth D18, Art Stage Singapore 2015

The Idea: using stickers to ‘paint’ an image on canvas

Overlap no 23

Overlap No. 23
Mixed Media Art by Ye Hongxing

More About Ye Hongxing’s Art
Info courtesy of Art+Shanghai Gallery

Ye Hongxing

Chinese artist Ye Hongxing
Image courtesy of Art+ Shanghai Gallery

 “Ye Hongxing’s work employs traditional Chinese motifs and modern elements, creating visually sublime scenes that layer oppositions of tranquility and intricate frenzy. Using symbols of the everyday and patterns from tradition, Ye Hongxing creates an animated contemporary in response to her perception of China’s development and the international preoccupation with money and the material. Working in sculpture, oil paint and sticker montages, her work reflects the contradictions within society using a decorative visual language.”-Art+Shanghai Gallery


Overlap No. 23 (close up)

“Ye Hongxing’s mixed media works feature thousands of brightly-hued, mass-produced stickers. Deftly glued to canvas, these pieces of pop culture form fantastical kaleidoscopic scenes exploding with automobiles and planes, exotic wildlife and flora, brand names and high heels, fashion models straight from the magazines, pop culture figures, and traditional Asian imagery.” -Art +Shanghai Gallery


Overlap No. 23 (close up)
I invite you to find the cute stickers…

“Concerns of globalization, material culture, consumer culture, and industrial, societal, and economic advancements are major sources of inspiration for Ye Hongxing’s work. Up close, each sticker has its own particular visual and story, but at a more distant view, the stickers lose their individuality yet gain new meaning as part of a whole. The juxtapositions ask questions as to what our contemporary culture truly consists of.” -Art +Shanghai Gallery

rx-logo-11So do… not be distracted by the lure of false material joys. Keep things simple. Create your silence. Listen and follow your heart’s true calling.

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