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Dose #34 – Threaded Together

Today, Filipino artist Raffy Napay creates warm tropical splendour with his ‘threaded’ art…

We continue with Statement of the HeART at Art Stage Singapore
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Dose #34: Threaded Together
“Sacred Thread” installation by Filipino artist Raffy T. Napay

Spotted at: Artesan Gallery, Art Stage Singapore 2015
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The Idea: integrating layers of thread unto a floral fabric base. The resulting image is rich, warm, abundant like a tropical rainforest.

You may wonder: How did his affinity for threads and sewing develop?
Here’s what I learned from an art review on gmanetwork – Raffy’s mother is actually a seamstress. So there you go- his exposure to the wonderful world of threads started very early.


“Sacred Thread” installation
By Filipino artist Raffy T. Napay



“Sacred Thread” (close-up)



Check out the thread-y details…



The complete SACRED THREAD installation
By Filipino artist Raffy T. Napay
Showcased at ARTESAN GALLERY, Art Stage Singapore 2015



Fiber artist Raffy T. Napay
Photo from his FB album

 “Napay’s distinct use of cloth and thread as a material for large-scale works produces objects that straddle the traditional boundaries between textile, sculpture and painting: transforming into contemporary art many localized forms of artistic production.” – Artinformal

Watch this very short video of Raffy at his home studio

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rx-logo-11So do… reflect on this piece by Raffy Napay.
Here’s my personal reflection: The garden of life can sometimes present a web of unnecessary complexities.  Keep focused on what truly matters.  Stay true and committed to those you love.

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